Ruger Precision Rifle rear bag riders.

I forgot to post a picture of our latest Ruger Precision Rifle rear bag rider plates fresh back from anodising so here is one.

Machined from 6082 aluminium and satin anodised finish they are virtually a direct copy of the original butt plate however they are extended to accept a bag rider tube. You have a choice of either a self colour 1,5mm tube (Shown in picture) This adds around 65,0 grams to the all up weight of your rifle. Alternatively you can have the 20,0mm carbon fibre tube version with polished aluminium ends which is a lot lighter. (Guess who forgot to weigh the last ones he built)

Everyone tells me these make a huge difference to the tracking of the RPR at both short and long distances and coupled with the 6.5CM cartridge gets you into some very long distance shooting.

I also have a single bracket in a lovely shiny aluminium finish if anyone is interested.

I also forgot to add a link to the Ruger Precision Rifle rear bag rider on our site, so here it is:…

I am hearing good things from the people who have already received them, it makes me wish I had an RPR myself!

2 Replies to “Ruger Precision Rifle rear bag riders.”

  1. Hi David
    Mad shooter here. Love your site. Great information. Have you any recommendations for the back bag for my Tikka CYR in 6.5 C. It is fitted with a Berserk stock.

    1. Hi Alastair,

      We make this one:

      Now as far as I know, it does fit the Berserk and we can pop one if the post for you to confirm this, just watch out for screws Loctited in. Alternatively send me your rear butt plate and fittings and I can put it together and send it back ready to go.

      All we need to know is if you prefer standard or carbon fibre, I have both built and ready to go.


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