People often ask me what do I use on gun stocks and I usually say ‘That depends’ or words to that effect and it is true. I use everything from Renaissance wax through to my own red oil and today it was my ‘English’ stock oil. I usually make about a pint of the stuff which is way too much as it lasts for ages however I usually give some away to our customers. This particular recipe needs to simmer for 15 minutes and has now been decanted into a glass jar, from here it will sit for a few days before being filtered and stored in an old screw top pint steel can.

Yes, I know you can buy stock oils and there are some really good UK based offerings at very sensible prices (Slippery Dicks gun wax has a superb reputation) However I enjoy making and experimenting with my own finishes.

Next step is grinding some Alkanet root for next year’s Red oil and then onto a lovely albeit quite plain Walnut stocked single shot rifle that I am in the process of re-finishing which reminded me I was getting low on stock oil.

OK, before you ask, yes it was a saucepan out of the kitchen, I just asked what was the smallest pan she had and this is the one that was volunteered. Maybe I should have mentioned what it was destined to be used for. No matter as it is in the dish washer now

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