GRS Rear Bag Riders

We are periodically asked to make rear bag riders for various rifles and it is at this point we have to take a view on is it going to be a ‘One off’ or is it worth productionising and making a run of parts.  The latest example of this is a rear bag rider for the GRS rifle stocks.

Now I am a huge fan of these stocks, they are well made, look good and most importantly fit the actions they are designed for really well. About the only thing I ever do is an occasional pillar bedding job and, personally, would not worry about a full bedding job because in my view the potential improvement of accuracy is not worth the outlay. Just my view…

One of the things that aids long distance accuracy is the tracking of the rifle on the rear bag and if the rifle stock you have chosen is not designed to track on a bag you have a problem. It is fair to say rear bag tracking is not the be all and end all of rifle accuracy, however it does have a significant impact on the ability of some shooters. Hence we build rear bag riders for rifles that are not ideally suited to such techniques otherwise and examples include the Accuracy International chassis systems and Tikka T3x Tac A1 and now the GRS.

OK, the first question is what does it fit, well certainly the following:

GRS Berserk
GRS Hunter
GRS Hybrid
GRS X-Eater
GRS Sporter


I suspect the rider will fit other GRS chassis, however I cannot be sure about the rest of the range until I get my hands on examples to test with.

The GRS Rear Bag Riders come as a black anodised plate with a self colour aluminium tube and are supplied with three longer A4 stainless screws to enable fitting.

To attach the rear bag rider remove the existing adjustable butt section from the rifle chassis. Remove the small self tapping screws holding the butt pad in place, then remove the three screws holding the three pillars in place, these screws will have been glued in place so you may need to carefully grip the pillars in a vice or similar. With the pillars removed place the rider plate in front of the original plate and hold it in place with the longer screws passed through from the back of the original plate. Nip the three screws up tight, I do not use any Loctite however you can do so if you wish, now fit the butt pad using the original screws and re-attach the rear butt section to the chassis. Finally, attach the 18,5mm tube to the hanger using the supplied M8 A4 stainless screw and you are good to go. Fitting probably takes around 10 minutes if you are cautious and the process can be reversed at any point if needed.

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