T3x TAC A1 rear bag rider.

I seem to be very quiet on the Journal front, a combination of two new Labrador puppies and a load of rifle and revolver work is keeping us both very occupied and it is probably 10 days since we were at the Salt Marshes which also means I am starting to pine for the Saltfleet chip shop. The dogs however are quite happy as they are getting lots of local walks and the pups who spend a fair amount of their time in the workshop are getting used to new noises and people and seem to be taking it in their strides.

We have been working on some shiny parts and this week was a mix of OAL gauges and comparators along with a new rear bag rider.

People have been asking about a bag rider for the new Tikka TAC chassis system so here it is. 6082 Aluminium with A4 stainless screws so it is not going to rust any time soon. The plate is vapour honed and hard anodised and the rider tube is polished as they seem to track better with this finish. It will be added to our shop very shortly. Weight is around 165 grams for those of you shooting on a diet.

On the subject of OAL gauges someone recently pointed out our gauge did not fit his DTA Bullpup which set me thinking… So coming shortly is a new longer OAL gauge suitable for Bullpups, 50 cals and rifles with very long actions. The new OAL gauge will be 50,0mm longer which should cover all bases and as ever will be of all 316 Stainless construction. We can also supply the gauges with a removable rear end and supply bushings specifically for your rifle action to support the rear end.

I have not really thought about the price however I am sure the Viking will take a view on this once she has to start cleaning the things post polishing 🙂

9 Replies to “T3x TAC A1 rear bag rider.”

    1. Hi Hank,

      They were built and sold! I will start another run at the end of the year when things have hopefully quietened down slightly 🙂


  1. I am interested in your Tikka T3x TAC bag rider. Please let me know when available and price. Will you ship to the USA?
    Thanks, Jim Baker

    1. Hmm… I thought I replied to this at the time 🙁

      We will be doing another run within the net 4-5 weeks and yes, they are available to the US.


  2. Hello, I am very interested in your bag rider for the Tac A1. Is one available for purchase and how much is it shipped to the U.S.? If at all possible could I get one in all black?

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