Forster Coax Primer – Hints & Tips

I seldom if ever write hints and tips to this Journal, mostly because I just do not do that sort of thing as the internet is full of such stuff, however I was reloading today and something struck me as awkward so I will share it with you.

I occasionally use a Forster Coax Primer which was purchased after I managed to ‘misplace’ my RCBS hand priming tools and needed a replacement, even after the RCBS tools were found I still occasionally use the Forster thing and quite like it for some applications.

Today was such a time and I grabbed a box of primers and remembered just how much of a faff it is loading the primers into the feed tubes. The idea is you empty the primers into that flat tray area at the back of the tool, then manually flip them the right way up, then lay the flat tube at the back and invert the whole lot so the primers fall into the tube, well that is the theory however it is a bit awkward.

I have a box full of spare RCBS primer trays which have the benefit of acting as flippers plus they have lids so ideal for loading primers into the tubes if only the tubes would fit. So a couple of minutes with a sharp 1/4″ wood chisel and the feed end is easily modified to accept the Forster feed tube. I actually trimmed it to size, took the picture and thought it looked a bit rough when I blew the picture up so I have since tidied it slightly, not that it makes any difference to the operation.

Then it is simply a matter of holding the tube in place with your thumb, invert the tray and tube and give it a rattle and the primers fall into the tube with the greatest of ease.

Job done and I can go back to priming the brass I am working with today.

Alternatively I could always of not misplaced the original RCBS primer tools, then I would not have needed to buy the Forster…

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