Replacement Winchester 1894 Carriers

We always seem to have functioning .357 Marlins and broken .357 Winchesters in the Armoury and the Winchester failure is usually missing screws or broken carriers with the latter being a nightmare to source so I sat down with some broken bits one afternoon and a clean sheet of paper and many hours later this is the result.

OK technically this is nearly the finished item as this is actually a soft metal carrier to confirm fit, function and operation and I’m delighted to announce it fitted and worked perfectly on the two rifles I have here so time to get on with the final versions which are machined in EN24T. I had planned on using 316 stainless initially however I know that with EN24T they are not going to wear out or break and should last a lifetime and more so giving all of those broken 1894s languishing in a gun safe a new lease of life.

Someone did ask me why not just order a replacement from the USA and there is an easy answer. Getting such spares from the USA is all but impossible through legitimate channels and if you can source them they will be the normal items made from what looks like sintered steel and ready to snap at the most inopportune moment. The new carriers will be added to our Webshop hopefully at the weekend and should be ready to ship in the next few days. Final price is going to be around £110.00 however I do need to work out the final hours count.

Please note these carriers are for the Winchester .357mag/.38Spl model 1894 only and may need some final fitting dependant on your rifle.




4 Replies to “Replacement Winchester 1894 Carriers”

  1. Hi could you please give me a price on one of your post 64 Winchester 94AE in 357 cal carriers please. Please get back with info. Many thanks.

  2. Hi Iam trying to source a loading carrier which has snaped in my winchester 94 357 can you help of give me information as to obtaining spares .

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