Another batch of BSA International ‘Scope rails and brackets

Just finished and back from the Anodisers are my latest batch of BSA International ‘Scope brackets and Rails, all ready and waiting to take you an your International onto the small bore bench rest circuit.

Eagle eyed readers will also note it is something a bit newer for a change even if it is for something old…

I have deliberately left the rail a bit longer on this batch of BSA International brackets and machined them with a longer support underneath, they are also slightly lower than the earlier builds for a sleeker look yet they still leave you loads of room for a large ‘scope objective without having to resort to ridiculously high rings.

The longer rail means they can be cut to length or left as supplied at the users discretion. They are supplied with screws to attach to the receiver plus a spare.

Of course you know what this means? It means you have absolutely no excuses for not hauling your old and trusted BSA International out, frightening the spiders away and fitting that spare ‘scope to it ready to compete in your clubs small bore bench rest competitions. It also means you now have the potential for an incredibly accurate bunny rifle with night vision or normal glass.

Lunch break is over and the Viking is muttering whilst packing things so I should probably get back to the machines 🙂

2 Replies to “Another batch of BSA International ‘Scope rails and brackets”

  1. Bonjour pourriez expédier des supports de lunette pour bsa International ,en Frances ? si possible ; quelle serait le tarif ?merci

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