The BSA Martini International

I had an interesting discussion about the venerable BSA Martini International this morning, this was the first model of rimfire rifle I ever shot and it was handed to me and described as a Martini International and that is the name that has stuck in my mind ever since. Yes they are falling blocks however they will always be a Martini action.

Sadly as time passed the Martini International fell from favour and at one point they could be picked up for virtually nothing from schools and clubs and they were often found languishing in the back of cabinets and armouries, then one day small bore Bench rest came to the UK and people started looking for heavy accurate small bore target rifles to press into use as a suitable rifle and the Martini International found a new lease of life.

Of course such rifles do need some work, they were traditionally equipped with open target sights and they flop around when supported on a front bag so a front bag rider is required, a suitable bracket for the ‘scope and rear bag rider for the really serious shooter aspiring to Bench rest

This is a part conversion of a BSA in that it has the front bag rider fitted and the ‘scope bracket however the owner has not opted for the rear rider at this stage.

DSC_2882The good thing about starting off with .22LR Bench rest is you do not need a ‘scope capable of dealing with magnum ammunition however it does need to be capable of focussing at 25m or less and this particular Hawke will apparently parallax down to 10m.

When building a bracket for the International it is important to take loading and ejection into account and once the bracket was machined and secured in place with the original taper head sight screws it was time to load and eject to confirm access. The dummy round went in without problems and when the lever was pushed forward the round was ejected.

Actually it was ejected with so much force it flew of across the workshop and into an open cardboard box which did make me smile. When we  were shooting club rifles I knew exactly which ones had the strongest ejectors and I would grab one out of the rack and head to the left hand side of the firing point. A firm flick of the wrist and the spent case would arc out to the right, often clearing the shooter directly to my side before bouncing onto the unsuspecting shooter two lanes up.

Well I was young and it amused me…. 🙂


So here is the finished rifle, now back in the capable hands of the owner. He had assured me just leaving everything in self colour as it was would be OK however I thought a coat of black would enhance the image. I will Cerakote everything when he he has a spare couple of days to leave it with us.

Yesterday afternoon saw us down the range testing ammunition and confirming zero on a couple of rifles and I was surprised at just how quickly it got dark, we are usually in the workshop so we tend not to notice when it gets dark other than Friday afternoons at the range. It was also cold, being a couple of hundred metres from the East coast of Lincolnshire does not help things.

It looks Winter is approaching, I was huddled up in bed last night listening to the wind, at one point it sounded like someone was throwing handfuls of small pebbles at the bedroom window, that was the rain. I hauled out my Kindle and checked the weather, apparently it was 1C with a Real feel of -9C with the wind and snow was due to start in 43 minutes. We woke to a bitingly cold and clear morning with no sign of snow so I guess someone else go it. This is out first winter at the Chapel so it is difficult to know what to expect, no doubt we will have a couple of cold weeks before Spring.


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  1. hello from david . I am one of the shooters at north cotes butts + a friend of paul spilman ( bsa martini ) . I am looking into swaging bullets for my 45-70 + 458 win mag from 45acp brass cases . I need to anneal the full case – what temp would this need to be + would it be possible for you to tempilaq a few cases at the next steel plate shoot ( dec 13th ) if you have some spare . I will of course pay you . many thanks david johnson

  2. I have just bougt a wonderful Mk2 BSA Intenational and a old but superb X36 Burris scope I have got the scope on the gun with a reach forward mount but the scope needs to come back some more to work for me, I see your bracket here, wow what a superb looking rifle, are these brackets available to buy?

    1. I have ordered some more material in and have a new design sketched out so my intention is to build a handful in the new year.


  3. Hi David

    i am intrested in buying a bracket for my Mk2 BSA Intenational can you email me with a price

    thanks Paul

  4. Hi David,
    great to see that these great rifles are getting a new life. I own a Mk2 in 22 Magnum which I got for $70 NZ. Bargain! It was already converted by the way and ejection was an issue as the rim size is bigger- need to lower the breech a tad when open. Very fussy re ammo but powerful and quite accurate. No brass to hunt for either! I am going to re stock it(myself) in walnut as a heavy sporter. I have mounted a Leupold 4-16 AO by making a mount similar to yours but screwed to the top via the rear scope block holes as well. She’s a heavy wee thing to lug after bunnies….
    Also have a Mk1 all original which I will restock in figured walnut thumb hole style to suit myself. I’d like to try BR but not sure if we have that code in NZ.

    1. Christel will email you details of the brackets, please note we also offer a Cerakoting service in a choice of colours if required.


  5. Hello from Ireland. I have a B.S.A, Martini International Mark 5. Is it possible for you to send me the bracket to mount a scope . If so how do I pay for it. Thank you and best regards from Drogheda in Southern Ireland.

  6. Hi,
    I’m the lucky owner of a BSA Martini Mk 1 or 2 (UE serial no.prefix) being used for benchrest. Can you supply a scope mount? If so what is the cost.



    1. I designed the brackets for the MkI and MkII with the 1-1/8″ receiver width however it should be fine on the MkIII/MkIV/MkV 1-1/16″ receiver albeit with the central axis of the rail shifted by a 1/16″ which is 1.58mm. I doubt you will notice the change once zeroed if it is to be used at a fixed distance such as 25 yards/metres.

        1. The link is here:

          I need to make some more and send them out for anodising so allow for the end of January.


  7. hi there. i too would be interested in one of these mounts for my mk2. i’m in northern ireland. maybe you could send me a price. cheers.

  8. I would be interested in purchasing a scope mount for my BSA Martini International Mark I, I believe. Please provide the cost and shipping charges to the U.S.

  9. Hi is the sie mounted scope rail for the martine action Mk 2 BSA’s still made and available for purchase please, if what is the cost and delivery time? I am intending to use one for bench rest at 25Yds.
    Thanking you

    1. Yes we are still making them and regularly ship to Australia however the last one in stock has just sold so I need to get and make some more! I have cut the material to length so next stop is the mill however that is a good couple of weeks away, then they need to be sent off for anodising. I would guess end of next month by the time they are back and ready to ship 🙁


  10. I am interested in one of your telescopic scope mounts to fit my BSA International. Can you please advise me of availability and cost inc P&P to U.K. David.

  11. Hi David,
    I have just bought a very clean Mk V. currently on its way from the mainland. I would be interested in a scope mount as I intend to use the rifle for benchrest. Can you furnish me with details of price and availability? Thanks Tony.

  12. Hello again David, I was perusing the site and noticed my last post. To update, I have taken delivery and fitted the scope mount. It is a quality product and blends in well with the Mk. V. I have had a chance( just today) to get onto the bench at 50 metres and am well pleased with results thus far. I have fitted a Weaver Classic 4-16 x 40 which I have owned for some time, and despite the fact that it is a hunting scope it has a plain fine cross-hair reticle. Results are impressive and I hope to get a chance to try 100 yds. in the near future. Thanks again and Regards, Tony Young.

  13. Tony,

    I am delighted to hear you are getting on so well with the bracket, I can see I will need to do another run of them very shortly.


  14. Hello from n.z. I to would be interested in a scope mount for my mk2 as seems a good number of other people. Good on you for making a winner.

  15. I’m interested in a scope mount too. My rifle is a BSA International Mk 2 right handed model, and I would like to have a Weaver mount. Shipping would be to the USA.
    Please give me your prices and shipping information.
    Thank you,
    Jack Lee

  16. I am interested in the block under the fore end on the rifle in the picture above, is it something you offer?

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