The CG M22 Accuracy International AX/AW trigger

An update on the concept of the CG Model 22 AX/AW trigger, I though it as easy to add an image as any and this 3D model demonstrates the integration of the M22 to the Accuracy International AX and AW rifles.

So how does it work? The CG Model 22 AX/AW trigger is supplied with two pillars , the OEM bottom plate is retained and is used to secure the trigger in place so fitting is really just a matter of removing the two existing screws, drop the old trigger out, fit the new with the pillars, replace the original bottom plate and do the screws up and the job is done.

Realistically the trigger takes just moments to replace however you may wish to spend a few additional minutes fine tuning the trigger to suit your own requirements. The following can be adjusted:

Forward travel
First and second pressure points
First pull weight
Final pull weight
Backlash position
Trigger finger reach
To prevent any confusion one of the pillars (The green tube on the right hand side of the image) has been omitted for clarity. Also for those that prefer a tactical trigger shoe, a curved profile non-adjustable trigger shoe can also be supplied.

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  1. Hello, I visited Robert with both my AX338 and AW308 rifles and stripped each down to remove the existing triggers. Each recess was exactly the same !
    The longest part of this process was to remove the plastic around the chassis and finding the AX medallion once it dropped on the floor……

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