This and that – 8 Bore cartridges and thingys..

My 8 Bore cartridge cases have been engraved at long last. SHED 8I have kept the head stamp to a rather minimal number ‘8’ at both 90 and 270 degrees however I decided to have one engraved with Shooting SHED for my cartridge collection. It is something for people to pick, ask what on earth it is and then read the head stamp, as far as I know there is not another cartridge in the world marked up as ‘Shooting SHED’ so I am sure it will be a conversation piece from time to time.

I still need to anneal them however I have left this process until last.




I have to share this, we have been getting some glowing feedback from new RCBS CM ‘Thingy’ users. For those of you that have missed my discussions on the ‘Thingy’ you can read about it here:

The purpose of this simple adapter is to prevent the over throwing of powder when using the Chargemaster, if you use such a device then you are sure to have experienced that annoying extra kernel or two that falls out right at the end of the measuring. Anyway I received this email on Monday. Now I tend not to post testimonials or emails from happy customers however this one was nice to receive as it comes from an F Open shooter who has been known to win the odd Gold in the Euros and Worlds in both team and individual events in the past. Anyway his comments are as follows:

All I can say is bloody fantastic, I was away teaching at the GB F class training weekend and the package was waiting for me with the pointing anvil.  I have just thrown 5 charges with the chargemaster all dropped within my tolerance of 2/100ths of a grain (as verified on my Sartorius lab scale)

It almost removes the need for a lab scale so very well done. Feel free to use this e-mail for any marketing or advertising etc.



So another good review and one I am rightly proud to share.

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  1. I have an 8 bore double H&H paradox which I am thinking of casing up with the relevant accessories. A few brass cases might be appropriate. Do you have any for sale? The gun is chambered for 3.5″

    1. I could well have a couple left, I usually build them to order and spares are invariably snapped up by collectors. How many do you need?


    1. Hi Reign,

      Yes I do still make them occasionally, price is very much down to material costs at the time.The last batch I did ended up at just over £18.00 each for a run of 12.


    1. Hi Lloyd,

      Yes I do still make them occasionally, price is very much down to material costs at the time.The last batch I did ended up at just over £18.00 each for a run of 12.


  2. Hi David could you send me your contact details please! Id be overjoyed if i could commission you to make me 25! I also need some for 4 bore ideally! Henry

    1. Hi Henry, I do still make them however material prices are terrible these days, last time I checked it was going to work out at approaching £18.00 per cartridge!

  3. David good morning, I would be absolutely thrilled if you could help me out with some 8 bore cases! I would need around 20 ideally but would be grateful for whatever you might be able to help me with. Wishing you the very best for 2022. H

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