Pimping a BR99 Racegun

Remember my recent posts on the BR99 Section 1 box feed shotgun? Well this is one I was working on today, suitably modified for use as a Racegun. This one has a mix of functional and aesthetic modifications and in theory it should be no more than an hour or so work to bring the BR99 to this specification.

So starting at the top:

Front and rear flip-up Magpul open sights. The standard BR99 rear sight is fitted to an AR type carry handle and I really did not like it, now this sounds like a bad start, first paragraph and I am criticising the BR99 however I am not as I really do like these, it is just that I could not get on with them, the Magpul offerings have transformed the sight picture and cheek weld is also perfect for both myself and the owner.

BR99 RHS small

Moving forward is a breaching choke complete with very pointy teeth on the end, I did offer to machine them back however this was greeted with a scowl. No doubt such an item would be banned in Scotland for being pointy..

The front end has been changed to an aluminium unit with forward charging handle. This item comes with a new lightweight piston and top Picatinny rail. The item is superbly made however it did not fit… well it nearly did however it took an hours work to sort out the internals so it could be fitted, it was not the end of the world and is a huge improvement as you effectively have a forward assist that can be operated with the left hand. The manufacturers are aware of this issue and the new ones will be built with the necessary clearance. If it was not for this minor issue all of the listed modifications could have been fitted in under an hour.

Moving down is a new oversize magazine release catch and an enlarged bolt handle and sitting on the left hand side is an extended bolt release catch so the BR99 bolt can be released with one finger from within the trigger guard.

Final modification is 1.1Kgs of Chromite heavy sand in the butt section. To do this find a suitable light plastic bag without holes, remove the rubber butt pad and stuff the bag into the void, now add the Chromite slowly tapping the butt from time to time to settle the sand, once filled tie a knot in the end of the bag and replace the butt pad. This does add some weight however it also moves the centre of balance back and keeps everything quite neutral, a worthwhile and cheap improvement.

BR99 LHS small

The BR99 is becoming a firm favourite of mine and cost wise it is a serious box fed bargain.

For those of you asking about the 10 shot magazines they are due in right now and only a couple of weeks late… I am starting to learn that anything involving firearms coming into or going out of the UK takes time and patience to allow things to progress properly.

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  1. Hi i am just starting out in practical shotgun and have enjoyed reading your articles on the BR 99. What mods are needed to get this gun semi competive and a rough idea of cost

    many thanks

    Paul Wood

    1. The BR99 benefits from a few improvements and the first things I suggest are add an oversized charging handle and magazine release, whilst you are at it add some weight to the butt, I use Chromite (Heavy sand) in a reinforced plastic bag and you can squeeze in around 0,5kgs which does make a difference to the balance.

      Next stage is decide on magazines, some people prefer 5 shot and some 10 and once you have decided you can open the magazine well. Dimensionally the 5 and 10 shot magazines differ slightly so any modifications to the magazine well need to take this into account, also I prefer to only open them enough to allow the magazines to slide out with assistance, by the time they are opened enough to allow the magazine to free fall they can rock slightly and this will lead to feed issues with time.

      The standard sights on the BR99 are awful, add a Vortex SPARC 2 or some good open sights, beware the airsoft Magpul variants as they fall apart very quickly under the recoil of the shotgun.

      Next job to consider is a level 10 forend with left handed charging handle however it is not to everyone’s taste. You can also Cerakote the whole gun in a variety of colours and they do look good for it however they still get scuffed over a period of time and certainly will not shoot any better for it 🙂

      Other things to consider are remove the sling swivels as they get in the way and you could add a B.A.D lever however I personally dislike the things, I keep meaning to build an oversized release plate for the left hand side which will keep things safe.

      Finally add some spares such as a couple of feed ramps which are very cheap and I also build long T Handle hex key tools to enable you to remove the upper from the lower section


  2. Sorry to bring back such an old post, however you deserve a big thank you from across the pond for this write up.
    Although this shotgun has been on my list for a while, the BR 99 is just now being evaluated by the RCMP for approval to import and sell within Canada. The hope is to pick one up in another month or so if it passes.
    Your advice on bringing one closer to Race worthy is very much appreciated. I am the Match Director for 3-Gun activities here in my province and sporting/action shooting will be the primary use.
    How has yours held up over the last year?

    Thank You Once again,
    David M Green

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