The Bora Arms Barak BR 99 12G Shotgun

I am not the biggest of fans when it comes to black guns, I certainly understand their role and thoroughly enjoy the occasional plink with a 5,56×45 C7 or C8, the C8SFW is a particularly nice rifle. Plus I do own an all black 6,5×47 Accuracy International plus another 7,62×51 black gun we never talk about (Well we do but only in hushed tones)

For me the issue with Section 1 black guns is they are invariably neutered by British law to shoot, cock by hand and shoot again, the exception being the lowly .22LR Semi Autos we can possess, now these can be huge fun however they are hardly going to fuel the typical shooters need for ‘Recoil therapy’, a phrase coined by a well known Saffie F/TR shooter.

Equally I am not a PSG shooter (Practical Shotgun) However their high capacity S/A’s and Pumps have always caught my eye so you can imagine my interest when I was asked if I could source a black Semi automatic shotgun that was vaguely reminiscent of the AR15 style rifles with 5 & 10 shot magazines. Well it was a Semi Auto and certainly would have some recoil so had to be worth a look.

Cue The Bora Arms Barak BR 99 12G Shotgun.


The first delivery arrived today. Now these things are not going to break the bank at GBP499.00 and that includes a couple of 5 round magazines plus 3 chokes and a choke key! We will also be stocking accessories including the extended magazine release catch, extended bolt handle, tactical 2 point slings and 10 round magazines. Incidentally the magazines are a very reasonable GBP39.50 each. Further down the line will be a muzzle brake and maybe even a suppressor.

First impressions.

The Bora Arms Barak BR 99 comes nicely packaged in a cardboard box however this is not going to be suitable for the range, the BR 99 is 43″ long so you are going to need something like the AIM50 drag bag which has lots of handy pockets for spare magazines etc. With a 14.25″ Length of Pull it is nicely proportioned and does not feel as long as some S/A’s I have shot in the past. Weight is a tad under 7.5lbs empty so it is going to smack a bit under recoil. The forend is made from a one piece plastic moulding with a built in Picatinny rail and a front sight which can be easily removed. The front sight is made from plastic and although functional is probably not going to cope incredibly well with a good bashing however for every day use it will certainly suffice. The rear sight is built into the functional carry handle and has a choice of 4 apertures plus adjustments for windage and elevation. Drop the handle off and you have a very handy Picatinny rail continuation so the fitment of red dot or similar is going to be very easy. I have to say at this point that I felt the rear sight was a bit close however me peering through it in the workshop and out in the field are two very different things.

The hand grip has a nice angle to it and a good feel as well, it is certainly big enough to cope with larger hands, moving back there is a cheek piece moulded into the stock that helps position the head quite nicely. Sling mounts come as standard front and back. At first glance the bolt handle is a round plastic mushroom, this is actually a cover, give it a yank and it pops off to reveal a very nice steel handle underneath that is well proportioned and allows easy operation. The BR 99 is designed to accept up to 3″ Magnum cartridges and has a self adjusting gas system to cope with most cartridges.

The Bora Arms Barak BR 99 comes with a 12 month warranty.

Considering the price this is a lot of S1 S/A Shotgun and I have a feeling they are going to prove quite popular in some circles. Yes it is a bit plasticky in places however everything is put together neatly and is functional. Would I have one? Well my club shoots practical shotgun and allows the entry of such things so I am certainly going to have a look.

Availability: our sister site will be listing them very shortly at GBP499.00 with a promotional offer which includes free shipping to your local RFD, a comprehensive list of accessories and must haves will also be held.

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  1. Hi could you please tell us if any of the accessories for the bora 99 are available yet ie 10 round mags, bigger cocking bolt and mag button many thanks

    1. Robb, The high capacity magazines are due in week commencing 17th February and the other parts some time afterwards however a firm day has not been confirmed.


      1. Hi
        Just taken receipt of my Bora 99 purchased from Chris Potter guns of Tunbridge Wells.
        Can you tell me where to buy 10 shot magazines?

    1. Hi David,

      I am in the process of making a run of 8 Bore brass cartridges right now. Currently they are all spoken for however I do have enough material to make a handful more if needed.


  2. Hi there
    Will there be different for ends coming out for the BR99??

    Many thanks Ryan (T-R)

    1. Hi Ryan, I use the T&N Level 10 with Forward Side Charging Handle and I feel it is difficult to beat, I have not really thought about alternatives at this stage.


  3. Hi there can any body out there tell me were i can buy a breach brake for bora br99 12g thanks.

    1. Try Brownells .uk . it’s a , win choke ported turkey . 660 . Have just ordered one myself on May 1, 2015.

  4. I am looking to purchase a ported turkey choke for my Bora 99 . Could you please tell me where in the UK can I purchase and what the thread is on the barrel ? All the best , Dave G .

  5. My husband bought a br 9o, took it apart, cleaned it. Shot it at the range & trued to take it apart again to clean it & now the batrel will not come off. Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Trisha,

      Remove the magazine and make sure the gun is clear.
      Remove the front outer nut by hand.
      Remove the hand guard (Plastic forend)
      Remove the inner front nut, again by hand.

      The barrel should now come off however if it is stiff pull the action bolt handle back a couple of inches as if you were loading and let it fly forwards, this should free the barrel and enable it to be removed.

      Fitting is the reverse of the above however you may find the barrel does not fully seat, if this is the case pull the bolt back slightly, seat the barrel fully and release the bolt slowly until it is fully home.

      Do not under any circumstances cycle the bolt with the barrel missing as it will smash the feed ramp.

      Shout if you have any further questions


  6. Hi David.

    Is there a way i can contaqct you to discuss the items you have avaliable for the BR99, and what aftermarket accessories there are?

    Feel free to email directly if easier.

    Kind regards.


  7. Dear Sir

    I would like to try and fIt a left handed cocking handle using the original fore-end of my second hand Br99. I discovered the previous owner had already had a go and cut out the slot on the fore-end and hidden it under an add-on rail it’s a shame he never finished the job.

    I have seen the guy on utube with his finished conversion and think it would be a very useful conversion to have for practical shotgun. Can you supply any useful parts and advice for this project ?

    I know there is a tooth and nail conversion and a Firebird Precision TAC-99 Handguard , but they feel like a lot of money to me, just wanted to give the home made a try first before considering going down the expensive route.

    As requested by others If you have a spare parts inventory for the BR99 will you kindly send me a list please

    Many thanks

    Eric Kightly

    1. Hi Eric,

      I have not attempted the left hand cocking conversion on a BR99 and we no longer have any BR99s or T&N front ends to compare however I we do still hold a few original BR99 front ends. I would have thought it was easy enough to make the conversion, just take care to prevent the lever jamming and reciprocating as your fingers would not appreciate it.

      I will have a think on it.

      We no longer formally hold any spares for the BR99 however I probably have items such as a bolt, receiver and certainly original front ends.


  8. Hi David,

    I was just wondering why you stopped stocking the parts for these?
    I’ve just got S1 SG on my license and these seem like good bang for the buck (pun intended) but I don’t want to make a mistake and buy something junk!

    Kind regards


  9. Hi just bought the Bora Arms
    Could you please tell me we’re to buy the adapter and muzzle break, I’m in Teesside England
    I have seen them on line in the USA but not sure if it would travel back in transit

    Kind regards

    Paul Marlborough

  10. I own s BR 99 with two 5 round and two 19 round magazines (good buy)
    What I would like is to fit a flash excluder, I’m not sure if you need an adapter for this?
    If anyone knows where I can purchase these items or anybody has one for sale I would really appreciate it
    Regards Charlie

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