Accuracy International rear bag riders

First job was build a couple of tubes for our Accuracy International fit rear bag riders. The hangers are 6082 T6 vapour honed and then black anodised for a nice satin finish, the tubes are 6082 T6 which is polished. I have been building rear bag riders for a while now and there has been a fair amount of experimentation along the way with the Viking invariably been the chief testers for profiles and finishes. Right now we both feel the polished finish is slightly slicker through the rear bag and despite being polished a light wipe of talcum powder seems to make a difference, it also means your Accuracy International gets to smell nice.

Externally these two rear bag riders are identical however one weighs in at 145 grammes and the other at 125 grammes as per the customer orders. I have built them down to 99 grammes in the past however it does need some imagination and if weight is that tight on the AI it may be a starter for looking elsewhere for weight reduction.


All these need now is a final polish of the tube and they are good to go. These ones are destined for the USofA.

On the subject of smell nice I noticed the Viking was wearing a new perfume today and asked what it was, she leant forward for me to get a better sniff and offered me a kiss at the same time before admitting she had no idea what it was as she is going down with a stinking cold.

You can go off people y’know…

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  1. Do you build these bag riders for other rifles? I have a CZ 452 American in a Boyd’s Pro-Varmint stock that I use for Smallbore F-class and I’d love one of these bag riders. I could send you the butt plate for measurements after our last match on November 11th if needed?

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