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I see the Reload Swiss site has gone live at last and lists a range of 10 new powders to cover most bases for those of us that reload. The chart below shows the relative burn off velocity of Reload Swiss powders on the left versus some of the current powders available to us and it is interesting to say the least.RS_Relative-burn-off-velocity

So assuming this chart is correct or very close which I am sure it is, it would appear Reload Swiss are doing 1:1 powders for some of the most commonly used Vihtavuori powders including N110, N140, N530, N540, N550 and N165, reading across to Hodgdon and H4895 is covered and Alliant Reloder 15, 17 and 22 are covered so that is me sorted!

Also I was impressed to see a QuickLoad file which means you can import these new powders straight into QuickLoad and start crunching the numbers. This data in particular impressed me as I use QL a lot for the modelling of new loads and cartridges. Of course the cynic in me asks how they managed to come up with such data so quickly, this could be the end result of a lot of testing for QL and it could equally be the data has been re-badged. In other words is the new Reload Swisss range really a brand new range of powders or existing powders already being manufactured by Nitrochemie and simply being re-branded? Time will tell on this one.

One minor downside is the current distributor list does not show anyone here in the UK at this early stage so fingers crossed they get over here, are available and not marketed at some of the outrageous prices we have recently seen for other products available in the UK.

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