Breaking News – New Swiss Powders coming to the UK.

Information is starting to come out about a new range of reloading powders from Nitrochemie, the manufacturers of the UK available TR140 and Elcho 15. This is exciting news for UK reloaders given the scarcity of some of the favourite powders used over here.

Reload Swiss is the name for reloading powders that RelSwisswill be available in different burn rates to suit everything from 9mm Luger to .338LM with a couple of offerings that can be used for reloading  the .308.

I have a Pdf here that covers the range of powders, the uses and burn characteristics however it is too big to upload directly to my Journal so if you are reading this and would like to know more just drop me an email and I can send a copy by return.

The range includes the following powders:

RS20 Pistol powder suitable for 9mm Luger, .45Auto, .38 Special

RS24 Pistol powder suitable for 9×21 .40S&W (Heavy Bullets) .357 Magnum .44 Rem Mag.

RS30 Rifle/Pistol powder suitable .22 Hornet, 357 Mag .44 Rem Mag

RS40 Rifle powder suitable for .222 Rem .223 Rem, .308 Win (Light bullets)

RS50 Rifle powder suitable for .308 Win 375H&H Mag 8x57IS, 9.3×64 Brenneke

RS52 Rifle powder suitable for .308 Win .30-06 Spring. (Light bullets) 8x57IS

RS60 Rifle powder suitable for .30-06 Spring. 8x68S 6.5×47 Lap and 6.5x55SE

RS62 Rifle powder suitable for .30-06 Spring. 7×64 .270 Win

RS70 Rifle powder suitable for 300 Win Mag .338 Lap Mag

RS80 Rifle powder suitable for .338 Lap Mag 7mm Rem Mag, .50BMG

More to follow on this.

12 Replies to “Breaking News – New Swiss Powders coming to the UK.”

  1. Ok , as I put you on to this Nitrochemie press pack, you’ve got to do me a favour in return and give me some reload data for my brand new Tikka T3 Hunter in 6.5 x55 , preferably for either TR140 or RL17 as their price is reasonable and I’m just getting started towards loading my own deerstalking ammo – I see Christmas on the horizon as my excuse for buying the kit.

    I’ll expect to be using 140 grain SP bullets and I want to do a bit better than the 2530fps my current Federal Fusion ammo is claimed to get at the muzzle of a 24″ barrel. That’s worse than Federal load for the good old 303 and 150 grain bullets and almost makes me wish I’d got an old Lee Enfield sporter instead!

    Just joking, but if you do happen to come across any of that data I would be mighty obliged to receive it.


  2. Dave, Can you please send me a copy of the burn rates in PDF not quickload.

    Many Thanks


  3. Hi David
    Can you please send me the load data and burn rates for the TR 140
    it’s for a 22-250 AI and 243 AI and 243 middle stead and 6mm BR.
    PDF is preferred ;o)

    Many thanks

  4. Hello Dave.
    I have used RS52 in .308 behind a 185g Juggernaut for F Class. Only problem who sells the stuff???????????? Increased fps, lower ES and no increased pressure signs.

    May I have the info in pdf format please. i intend trying 155.5g Bergers.

    1. Keith, as far as I know Brock & Norris here in the UK are stocking the Reload Swiss powders. I will email you to confirm this.


  5. Hi David,
    I have just read your article and if possible could you send me the reloading data you have for Reload Swiss powder.
    Tom Stitt

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