TR 140 Load Data

I have received a few emails and comments recently regarding TR140 load data and it would be good to keep load data for TR140 in one place in my Journal so I have added a new category dedicated to TR140 load data.

The load data and results published in this section and others are obviously the individuals findings and such loads may not work in your rifle so always start low and work up, stop if you see any signs of over pressure and if in doubt ask!


3 Replies to “TR 140 Load Data”

  1. Hi, I have been using Varget in a .308 for years but now it is too hard to get.
    Mike Norris gave me a tub of TR 140 to use, I am reloading Barnes TSX (all copper) 130 grn. Is it ok to use Vit 140 data and start 7% back from the max charge of 48.20.
    The rifle is a Sauer with an 18″ barrel.

    1. Hi Roger, I assume this is the .308? You should be fine with the N140 data as TR seems to be slightly slower. Dependant on your OAL you will probably run out of space before you hit over pressure problems.



  2. Hi
    Someone did a Quickload datasheet for me. The max charge for TR140 in an 18″ barrel (1.12 twist) .308 with a 130 grn Barnes TSX is 51grns, would you agree?


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