Some TR140 load observations in 6BR, .223 and .308

Pete W added this comment a while ago and I have used it for the basis of this post so it is easier to find.

I’m using TR140 in 6BR, 223, and 308 and I’ve found it to be excellent.

.223 (30″ 1:8 barrel) 24.5 grains  behind a Berger 73 grain HPBT Rem 7.5 primer
6BR (31″ 1:8 )          30.5                            Sierra 107    ”                          “
308  (30″ 1:12)           46.0                            SMK 2155    ”                          “

In each case I started 2 grains lower and went up in .25 grain increments.( I actually work in metric, so the above are conversions). I lost the chrony figure for the 223, but it was around 2900…………the 6BR made 2820, and the 308 gave 2923. The 308 has a new barrel, so I’d expect it to speed up a bit as it’s run in. Five consecutive “V” s at 600 yds with this 308 load last week.

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  1. Looks like Nitrochemie of Switzerland are coming out very soon with loading data for their products on their own new website – I assume, like Elcho 17, TR140 is made by them. But seems we’ll have to work out first which poder is which as their naming isn’t going to make it easy to work out.

    1. TR140 and Elcho 17 are made by Nitrochemie. We know Elcho 17 is a 1:1 for Reloder 17 and I do wonder what TR140 is. I very much doubt they manufactured it just for it to be sold in the UK as TR140.


  2. What cases / volume with the 223 ? I have a stack of ggg cases I want to use for csr in an ar15 with a22″ bbl

    1. Martin, if you weigh a few dry cases in grains and then do the same with the cases filled flush to the top with water with the weights in grains I can give you the predicted loads for the GGG brass and a range of projectiles.


  3. The .223 Tikka M595 TR had the freebore adjusted by Neil McKillop to accommodate 80 grn bullets, and the following MV’s (Magnetospeed) were obtained with TR 140.

    73 grn Berger HPBT match 25.9 grains 3030 fps
    SMK 80 grn 25.9 grains 2939 fps
    JLK 80 VLD 25.9 grains 3008 fps
    Amax 80 25.9 grains 2988 fps

    Primers were Rem. 7.5BR, cases PPU. The primers were only very slightly flattened, and there was some cratering/shallow dimples with the JLK and Amax loads. While looking into this, I discovered that the plastic bolt shroud had swollen and was gripping the firing pin carrier slightly, causing a light strike. This may have contributed to the cratering.
    As before, I started 2 grains down and worked up in 1/4 grain increments.

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