Dansk Gevaer Fabrikken

Danish Weapon Factories, a new Shooting SHED catagory for Danish built firearms, mostly dedicated to the Danish Krag-Jørgensen and the Otterup and Rask Mølle built Schultz & Larsen however any Danish rifle of interest may be added.

Included will be rifles we own, rifles we like and the occasional précis of a model based on readings and research from Danish written publications, if nothing else it puts data into the domain of the English language.

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    1. Hi Billy,

      They are not particularly common regardless of country so it is hard to say. Here in the UK anything up to GBP800, in Denmark I know of some for around GBP275 and in the USA they demand high prices. The biggest problem is finding ammunition for them however you can use 7,62X54R brass at a push and modern brass is also available albeit at high prices. I have recently published some brief articles on reloading with 54R brass on the Dansk Gevaer site here:




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