TR140 Load data.

I notice a few people come here for load data for the recently available TR140 powder and I am often asked how it differs from N140. Now I was under the impression it was the same stuff however it isn’t. It is close but not the same so those of you looking to swap from N140 to TR140 take care and do not just jump in with your trusted N140 load.

I would suggest dropping down at least a couple of grains and move up in fairly coarse steps and then tighten up for the last .8 grains in .1 or .2 grain steps and keep an eye out for the normal pressure signs, certainly if you experience heavy bolt lift drop back half a grain and re-access what you are doing. I would hope those of you reading this Journal are both experienced shooters and re-loaders. I recently received some data including basic reloading information for the TR140 from Mik at Dolphin Rifles and I am sure he will not mind me posting this.

I have a bit more on the powder if anyone is interested.

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  1. Morning
    Would appreciate as much detail as possible on the powder.
    Do you have any details on Elcho 17 which I understand is man. by the same swiss company.
    Manmy Thanks

    1. Morning Alan, Elcho 17 is Alliant Reloder 17 so you can use the figures for that, if you are stuck email me shed@ this domain with your cartridge and bullet details and I may be able to help.


  2. Hi, I have recently purchased some TR140 and am struggling to find any load data please can you help?
    Kind regards


    1. Hi Matt, what cartridge and bullet are you shooting and to what distance? If you email me david@ this domain I will send over some data for you to work with.



      1. Hi David,

        I am very sorry I have not got back to you. New house and new baby has put my hobbies on hold for a while! I was looking for load data for the TR140 powder using .223, .243, and .303.

        Sorry for the delay


        1. Hi Dave,
          I have some load queries for you if you can
          .308 – 140 grn Tracer head, 1:11 twist
          168 grn FMJ
          .303 – 174 grn FMJ, Lee Enfield No4
          170 grn FMJ
          Kind regards

  3. Hi I have just tested this powder and am very pleased with results I tested. 223 rem in a Howa Rifle with 55G fmj bullet and. 23.5G tr140 powder with OAL 2.205 crimped after 4 shots I was ripping the bull out @100 yrds also I tested a. 243win rugur mk2 target rifle also starting weight was 32.0 G tr140 with a 80G fmj and was so happy I didn’t even need to adjust my scope at @100 yrds so think I willbe swapping my powders for tr140 £50 a kilo that’s a deal

  4. Hi David,

    I am looking for reloading chart for TR140 with the .303 British 174 gr head.

    Can you help please?

    Iain Haldane.

    1. Hi Iain,

      I tend to shoot fairly soft loads with .303 and would typically use around 39.5 grains of N140 and closer to 40 grains of TR140, The default ’41 grains of N140′ load for the 174 SMK in the .303 could in theory be pushed to 41.6 grains ish of TR140 however it is so dependant on chamber, build length and barrel, also if you want to use the original iron sights and the distances you shoot so a chrono is going to be very handy.

      Sorry to be a bit vague on this. If it helps 41 grains of TR140 in my P14 is fine. I will see if I can dig out a bit more load data on the .303


  5. I’m using TR140 in 6BR, 223, and 308 and I’ve found it to be excellent.
    .223 (30″ 1:8 barrel) 24.5 grains behind a Berger 73 grain HPBT Rem 7.5 primer
    6BR (31″ 1:8 ) 30.5 Sierra 107 ” ”
    308 (30″ 1:12) 46.0 SMK 2155 ” ”
    In each case I started 2 grains lower and went up in .25 grain increments.( I actually work in metric, so the above are conversions).
    I lost the chrony figure for the 223, but it was around 2900…………the 6BR made 2820, and the 308 gave 2923. The 308 has a new barrel, so I’d expect it to speed up a bit as it’s run in. Five consecutive “V” s at 600 yds with this 308 load last week.

    1. Paul, I have no experience of TR140 in the 6,5×55 and my suspicion is TR140 will be too fast for the 129 and 140 Hornady due to its close proximity speed wise to N140.

      You could work up to around 40 grains however you would have to start low and this would probably not give much more than 80% case capacity, in such situations I would much prefer to run a slower powder and greater case capacity. If you do test it I would be interested to hear how you get on.


  6. Hi David , I’m looking for any data for my 6.5×47 using the TR 140 with 123g Lapua HPBT, 25″ barrel 1in8 . I had been using Vit N140 37.5g with good results. Can you help.

    Many Thanks


    1. Dave,

      I have had some very good results with 38 grains of Varget behind 123 Scenar’s accuracy wise however I also had some pierced primers in my Accuracy International. I am going to test with 37.5-38.5 grains of TR140 with the same OAL. In theory this should give me similar or slightly better MV’s with a slightly reduced pressure however this will need to be confirmed.


  7. Hi Dave,
    Any data re TR140 and 174gr BT in 7.62x54r for Mosin Nagant?. I am thinking it will be similar to .303 in the 40 gr range?. Regards DB

    1. DB, I have not loaded for the 7,62x54R with TR140 so have no direct experience however I would have thought up to 45 grains should be quite acceptable. TR140 is a tad slower than N140 so such a load should be fine. Obviously work up to something that works for you. Interestingly when I checked with QL it suggested 47.5 grains of TR140 was OK.


  8. Hi David,
    I’m interested in trying the TR140 powder in my 22/250, my usual load is 36gr of Varget using 55gr Vmax for varminting, was thinking of trying it with some 50gr also. Any advice would be much appreciated.
    Regards Jim

    1. Hi Jim, in theory TR140 will work with the 22-250 and should give an increase in MV over Varget with the 50 grain Vmax. I have emailed you some numbers.


  9. Hi Dave, I am experimenting with TR140 in my 308. currently using sierra matchkings 155 and 43.1 grs. I want to shoot at 1000yds and would be gratefull if you could suggest a load of TR140.
    PS, getting exellent results with this at 100/600yds,less thanMOA!!!

      1. Hi Dave,

        I am looking for load data for both 168gr and 155gr A-Max with TR140 in my 308. with federal champion primers I would really appreciate. if you could suggest a load of TR140 for me? I have fired once MEN and GGG cases.

        I would be using them on ranges up to 1000 mtrs.

        Kind regards


        1. Jason, what is the barrel length and do you have the water volume in grains for the fired cases? To do this weigh an empty fired case then fill the case to the top with water with a drop of soap added to reduce the surface tension, make sure the water is level with the top and weigh again. Do this on a few cases if possible and email me the results please.


          1. Hi David

            I was just checking that you got the email containing the data you requested.

            Kind regards


  10. Hi Dave,i am looking for some load data for my 22.250 CZ550 I have been using IMR4895 with Hornady 55gr V-Max and would like to keep with the V-Max.
    Regards Mike

  11. Hi Dave,

    When i bought this gun powder the dealer gave me this chart, the same as you have uploaded here. He also gave me the load data for the other calibers as well for this powder. But i have noticed on the chart the bullet type abbreviations are in German ( TIG, TUG, HMK, VMR) something like this. I was checking on Google for these bullets and I came across your forum so thought I might as well ask you. What do you know about this?

    Just wondering if you could please help me with one more thing as well. Could you please tell me what bullet types we are using for the chart below for the 130-180 grains bullets, FMJ OR HPBT? as it doesn’t say!

    I will really appreciate your help, if you want to see the chart i’ve got for those other calibers I can email you if you like.


    1. Moby, at long last I have some translations (Many thanks to Robert Chombart) they are as follows and I will email you the load data very shortly.


      DK Doppelkern-Geschoss = Dual-Core Bullet
      HMK H-Mantel-Geschoss = H Jacket Bullet: The jacket has a partition in the middle and soft nosed core is 2 pieces.
      KS Kegelpsitz-Geschoss = Conical Head Bullet.
      MS Match-Geschoss = Match-Bullet.
      SG/FS Fangschuss-Geschoss = ‘Coup de Grace’’ bullet . It is a light bullet to finish kill a wounded game.
      TIG Torpedo-ideal-Geschoss = Torpedo Ideal Bullet. It is a RWS shape.
      TMR Teilmantel-Rund-Geschoss = Round Soft Nosed Bullet.
      TMS Teilmantel- Spitz-Geschoss = Semi-jacketed Bullet.
      TUG Torpedo- Universal-Geschoss Torpedo Universal Bullet. Again a RWS brand.
      VMR Vollmantel-Rund-Geschoss = Full metal Jacket Round Nosed Bullet.

  12. Hi Dave, I have just switched onto TR140 powder on my 308 using Lapua cases and shooting a variety of heads and distances, 100-600. The heads I am using are 155 lapua scenar, 155 sierra matchking, 168 SMK, 175SMK and Hornady A-max 168 & 178. I am struggling to get figures!! Can you possibly help?

  13. Hi Dave, Im having good results with 38.3gr TR140 in 6.5×47, just wondered if you can you send over your 6.5×47 data as Im going to try ans develop the load further, also any and .308 data please, 155 and 175 SMK?

    Thank You.

  14. Hi David

    I finally got a tub or TR140 and have tried it in my 308 – every bit as good as N140, just needed an extra grain.

    I would now like to try it in my 7mm-08 AI – thought of using the N140 data for straight 7mm-08 and starting a couple of grains lower – what do you think?



  15. Can you suggest some different loads for my .308 rifle, 30” stainless barrel, using 155gr #2156 SMK Palma bullets.

    I would like advice on a load for:
    a) 300-600yards
    b) 800- 1,100 yards


  16. Hi David,

    I have just aquired some TR 140, I would appreciate it if you could e-mail me any load data you have for .22-250, .243 and .30-06.

    Many thanks


  17. Hi Dave,

    Excellent site! Just about to start some .308 loading with TR140 and wondered if you had any suggestions of a load for the following:

    Tikka T3 Tactical 20″ (1 in 11″ twist)
    SMK 175gr HPBT
    PPU brass (been using PPU factory 175gr so far, so have the fire formed brass!)
    CCI 200 primers

    Looking at 500/600m distances (some shooting at 300m, but more bothered about accuracy out to 5/600).


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